Top 7 Online Dating Deal Breakers for Women

When you get started with online dating, what’s exciting can turn to overwhelming really fast. Online dating tends to peak after Christmas up until the first Sunday of January, according to an article on The Washington Post. It makes a lot of sense because finding love remains to be one of the top New Year’s resolutions for singles.

The year is about to end. Are you ready to navigate through the busiest online dating season of the year? These seven deal breakers will help you save time and avoid the headache of dealing with a bad date:

1. Questionable behavior online.

Check his social media profile if you can access it. His photos will give you a glimpse into his lifestyle and values. If he’s an incessant complainer or if he’s the type who overshares about issues with families or friends, that’s a red flag. The absence of a real profile photo on his profile (using photos of celebrities, graphics, or any image other than his) is also a red flag. Another deal breaker is if he posts a lot provocative photos of women, which means you might be interacting with a player.

2. Requesting for more pictures of you.

Unless you posted a blurred, unrecognizable photo on your profile, someone who asks for more photos from you may come across as rude and disturbing. It’s even more alarming and downright creepy if he asks for sexy or nude photos of you. We suggest meeting in person after 17 to 23 days
, even if it’s just for a quick morning coffee so there would be no need for extra photo requests. If not logistically possible, then you can schedule a video call.

3. Has quirky characteristics or interests that totally annoy you.

If the person has characteristics or hobbies that you find odd or unacceptable, then those are deal breakers. According to a research conducted by Hater, women find men who are interested in cargo shorts, anime, Pokemon Go, and Windows OS least attractive. There’s no such thing as a perfect profile and everyone has their own weird qualities, but if you can’t tolerate his quirky interests, then dating that person is a no-go.

4. Jokes about sensitive topics.

If the person makes negative references to sensitive or controversial topics like sex, race, politics, or religion, it’s a clear deal breaker. You don’t want to be dating a racist, bigot, or a narrow-minded person.

5. Talks about money.

The moment he asks about your salary, run away fast! He may be an unstable or insecure person who’s looking for an opportunity to compete, brag, or worse, steal from you. Needless to say, block any man who attempts to borrow money from you due to “emergencies.” Protect yourself from scammers.

6. Uses profanities or lewd language.

Vulgar or lewd speech on his profile and during the first few chats with you are signs to stay away from this person. You also don’t want to be dealing with someone who talks about his sexual encounters and escapades in detail.

7. Shows bad temper.

Bad temper may not immediately show on a person’s profile, but you will be able to sense this once you start chatting. Any signs of explosive temper like attacking you verbally or blaming you when things don’t go his way should drive you away from this person. Someone who can’t control his anger or irritability may be abusive in relationships.